Hyrde: Day One – Proof of Concept

Day one has been pretty successful. Pymunk seems to be a pretty clear module to use with easy to understand methods. Essentially, there is a digital “physical” Space that you can add Body() and Shape() Objects to. Body() objects contain internal physical attributes like mass, moment, inertia, velocity; while Shape() objects have external attributes such as friction, elasticity, and is used to deal with boundaries. These two pymunk objects together create a physical sprite/like object that interacts with other physical objects the way you would anticipate in real life.

My goal for this session of coding was to get a physical object with the shape of a circle that would follow my mouse around and interact with other physical circles that will represent the reindeer in the herd of our game (in Norway herds of reindeer are common, ask Drew (@Drewisdrawing) ). Our game, tentatively called Hyrde (Norwegian for shepherd) is built around the mechanic of herding reindeer through a landscape, finding safe paths, avoiding obstacles, and defending against wolves who want a fresh meal! The player will control a shepherd and sheepdog at the same time, pushing the herd forward with the shepherd and directing/containing it with the dog character.

The Body() and Shape() objects have physical attributes but they do not natively give a visual representation, This is great because you can create physical attributes for a sprite and then put what ever animation on top of that. I think of it like this.



 Internal Physics | External Shape | Representation of Physical Interaction (Animation)

Next goals:

create a Sheepdog character that can be controlled with ASWD at the same time as the mouse (shepherd)



Here’s a video I shared with Drew (the artist/co-designer):


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