Hyrde: Day Two – Planetary Sheeps!

So today didn’t go as well as I had hoped and I spent way too much time on this rather than my homework. But I somehow have done poorly despite my best efforts in school so I’m not as put-off by the lost time than I would otherwise be.

So in my last bit of coding I was able to put together the basic ‘pushing’ idea of herding. What I noticed was that it was really hard to keep the reindeer together. Like, harder than will be fun. I needed a way to push the reindeer around without them scattering. In short, the force from the shepherd should distribute pretty equally throughout all the herd.

To do this I thought a novel way would be to treat each deer-circle-object as a small planet with it’s own gravitational pull. This way, all the player has to do is corral a sheep close to the herd and it will start clinging to the other sheep. Cool idea right?! Well It seems a bit harder than I imagined. I’m close, but the origin of gravity on my deer-circles is not right (the origin should be each deer), it’s coming from some area in the bottom left corner. Here is a video of it:

Not sure what’s up but I posted my dilemma to the developer board on the tigsource forums so hopefully someone out there can help!



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