Monochrome: Main-Project, collision issues!

So I talked with Drew about Hyrde and how it would take a whole gang o’ code to do the herding mechanic, isomeric view he was thinking. I think that was really the best way to do, but I just don’t think we’d be super happy about doing the game after a month or so. One of the biggest reasons for how hard it would be is managing the blitting layers, i.e. is this sprite in front of a tree, or behind, on top of another deer or behind, which part of this tree is solid, which part is not… etc.

So we decided to move Monochrome to the main project. We had a super awesome brainstorm meeting today where we worked out a lot of game mechanics and style ideas. I think the game is going to turn out to be really really fun.

Right now I am working on implementing collisions correctly. My problem is that I need to know when my bullets (not sprite objects) collide with my enemies (sprite objects). They do collide based on pymunk (physics back-end), but somehow I need to say:

if a bullet collides with an enemy:

  decrease by bullet.strength

 if enemy is dead:

  remove enemy from game

  Maybe what I could do to minimize processing would be to just give the bullet a sprite object and have no image but a Rect attribute the size of the bullet. I guess that’s the only thing I can do. We’ll see. I put up some questions on how to implement this on the tigsource forums, which came thru before, so we’ll see. If no one responds I’ll move the thread to the Chipmunk forums and see if anyone can help.

I tried to implement the pymunk collision handling which is what I want, but it was not processing correctly and slowing the game to ~9 fps. That won’t do. Here’s a vid of it:


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