Monochrome: Splash Screen / Weapon and Speed Upgrade

Man I’m getting so super stoked. Things are going good. I was able to figure out some basic state handling so we can start adding in a menu and level select screens, etc. I have our logo on the opening splash screen. The CrossFade class I made a few months ago worked like a charm. It’s totally awesome for reals.

So I’m having a little trouble with my logic for killing enemy sprites from their sprite group. I think the problem is that when I kill one with the Painter’s bullets, I kill them from the main sprite group they are a part of, but I don’t remove them from the list I’m carrying all the enemies in. Then when I press “M” to add more enemies to the screen, it blits all the guys I just killed because they are still in the list we are blitting from.

You’ll notice that when I press “O” I upgrade the Painter’s main weapon. Since the game is about bringing life back into this colorless world, I thought it would be cool if the upgrade made the bullet stream look like a DNA Double Helix. Its subtle, but if you look closely, that’s what’s going on 🙂

Then when I press “T”, I change the thruster particles coming out the back of the Painter to a bunch of multi-colored triangles and my speed increases. This will signify the speed upgrade. Drew and I were saying that it would be cool if each level the player gains a new upgrade that they can add on an “Upgrade Select” screen. But the upgrades will just be represented by symbols. When they pick one to add to the ship, the little ship on the bottom of the screen will change somehow.

Anyways, its coming along now!



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