Monochrome: Update

So this week has been pretty crazy at school so I haven’t really had time to work on the game. The things I need to work on next are the shield upgrade and directional shooting from the enemies. Speaking of upgrades, I would like to have all the upgrades working properly before I flesh out the rest of the game. Things are coming along nicely though. Here is a tentative plan for the rest of development:

– Upgrades (Shield, Time Bomb, Dodge are left, plus any we add later)

– Enemy behaviors (shooting, maybe some dodging capabilities)

– Level-Select Screen and Game State Structure

– Level Enemy Patterns

– Game Story fill-in

– Graphics

– Sounds

– Testing

The core game mechanics are pretty simple. I have enemy patterns set up based on time so all I have to do is write (on paper) what I want each level enemy-flow to be like and then implement that into the Pattern Engine. Should be fun!

Side-note: I was just turned on to Heart Machine’s game Hyper Light Drifter and all I can say is wow wow wee wow. Looks great. Here’s a vid:


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