Untitled?: Recent Update

Just a quick update for personal record:

I was able to get the dodge upgrade working but it looked pretty lame. There’s some work I could do to fix it, but I think in the end it’s going to be too cheap of a move to use anyways so I’m probably killing it. I might end up working on a rewards system in the game that gives the player “upgrade points” they can use mid-game on special upgrades like dodge. We’ll see.

I’ve been working on the time-bomb upgrade and I think it’s going to be a really cool thing that can be used in a lot of different ways. I want to add in some levels that incorporate the time-bomb mechanics. Here’s the lowdown on the time-bomb: when the player presses the bomb button (assuming they have some in inventory) a bomb shoots out with a descending number on it; 2….1….0. While the number is descending, using L and R, the player can direct it up and down on the screen avoiding enemies. This would be useful for getting behind enemy shields or hitting lock-opening devices that are blocked from the Painter’s bullets. The player will be able to direct the bomb (with L/R) while still having full control of the Painter: shooting, dodging, even using the Chroma Cannon if you wanted to.

When the time-bomb explodes, either by getting to zero or hitting an enemy (can be used as a regular weapon), it shoots out ~50 bullets in every direction in an area ~200-250 pixels wide.

I think it’s going to be pretty sweet and add a lot to the game. I like the idea of having some new mechanics in sh’mups. It’s so often the same thing. One thing I would like to add is a level where you have to shoot certain orbs in a specific sequence to get the proper tone-sequence. It would be something familiar like the ding-dong-ding-dong some doorbells. It’s the first four notes at the beginning of this clip. That could be cool.

Anyways, my goals for the game in the next few weeks are (in no particular order):

– get time-bomb working

– add hit and death animations for enemies

– get Painter movement to work with the XBOX controller joystick as well as the d-pad

– screen shake (?)

toodles –  Austin


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