Untitled: Good things accomplished

Got lots of good things done the last few days. The Time Bomb mechanic is implemented and works great. Really crazy that I was able to make that happen. The essentials are that the player can move it until it reads “0” or the player presses the button again and explodes. While exploding for ~3 seconds, shooting out particles in a medium area, the player can still move it up and down with L-R. This adds more functionality and makes it so you can get around large enemies, have it go off, and reach their weak-point.

Also got the game working with the analog stick which is much more natural. Starting to feel really great. Don’t know if I mentioned this but I also added a PAUSE feature which was like 6 lines of code. Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Just rambling now: also added better bullet speed stuff, shield hit-area, and a splash screen! Oh ya, forgot to say that. Right now it just says STUDIO TREX but I’ll change it to the titel eventually.

Good stuff happening!



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