Script Kiddies

Announcing: Script Kiddies – PVP Sequence-Platformer, Server-Hacking Game

Shake it like a polaroid pictcha!

Over the past month or so, I’ve been adjusting to Gamemaker, migrating from Python and Pygame. It has been a preatty powerful experience and lesson about the power of proper tools. I’ve had the idea for this game for a while but Pygame was too slow of a development tool to do it (or any other game really). But now that I’m working with Gamemaker and GML (which is a perfect mashup of Python and C++ if you ask me), this game is totally feasible in a reasonable amount of time.

The premise of the game is that each player manages three floors connected by ladders that have a server and computer screen. By accessing the computer on the floor, you are given a randomly generated ‘script’ of buttons to press. When you complete the script, you send a virus to the other player on that floor. That catch is, the other player can access that floor’s script at the same time, beat you at completing it, and send a virus your way. Things start getting crazy as players try to send viruses to the other player while also protecting their own floors by completing scripts on floors with incoming attacks. The player can run, jump, and access the computer. I hope as the game continues to develop it will feel really pure and fast paced. I anticipate normal matches to last no more than 5-10 minutes. The longer the match, the more perfectly matched the two scripters are!

Random facts:

– In hacking, the term ‘script kiddie’ refers to someone who can’t actually program their way into a vulnerable server, so they simply run pre-made, distributed ‘scripts’ of code.

– Yes I made all the art. I don;t have a clue how, but somehow I did.

– view a proof-of-concept gif here.

– hear a rough version of the (tentative) theme song: Script Kiddies Theme

– Hope to launch by Christmas.



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