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Update: New Stuffs, Indie MEGABOOTH and Fantastic Arcade (GIF WARNING!)

So I worked on Dragons and friends for a semester or so. Such a needed break from Script Kiddies and a chance to stretch myself programming-wise. Now it’s full-speed ahead on getting Script Kiddies finished. The game has come so far and through lots of playtesting down at the Utah Indies meet-ups and hours upon hours with Drew, Script Kiddies is in a really comfortable place right now.

Here’s a bunch o’ quick GIFs of all the recent improvements made over the last few months:

Lot’s of new “LOSER” animations




Chronos and his special ability: BRUTE FORCE. It automatically completes a script and sends a virus. When asking for ideas on new special abilities, this was the top suggestion from lots of playtesters.

Isao and his special ability: REPLY_ALL. It sends a half-speed virus on all available floors.

CAP also got Social Engineering implemented, but the GIF is too big!



Death of the Virus Select Screen

The virus select screen would automatically pop up whenever your character had his/her special meter filled. The purpose was to give the player the choice of what type of virus to send. Even though you have your special ability doesn’t mean you always want to use it. The big problem people had is that it SLOWS YOU DOWN! When you’re in a really competitive match, every second matters and this screen popping up gives the other player the advantage, even though YOU have your special meter filled…

THE FIX: one of the playtesters down in Utah noticed this issue and I said, “Ya, you know, you’re not the first person to say that. What do you think the solution is?” He said, “I don’t know, like just press Y instead of X to access the computer.” That worked. Here’s Kiki using her special. You get a RAINBOW screen when you press Y:


Virus Speed-Scaling:

One other major issue in early playtests was that matches took far too long and were too hard to close out. Steve Taylor (of NinjaBee) suggested that you might be able to close out games in a more reasonable time if the speed of the viruses scaled with how many floors were down. After testing a few different iterations, Drew and I settled on the idea that virus speed increases by half when there is only one floor left.







New Winning Room Animations


Indie MEGABOOTH and Fantastic Arcade

The game is getting to a point where it’s time to start promoting and marketing the game. I have decided to submit to the Indie MEGABOOTH (PAX Prime) and Fantastic Arcade. I really really really hope we get in. The game is solid and I think our presentation is really unique and funny so I hope it works. I just submitted to the MEGABOOTH an hour or so ago! Fantastic Arcade is in July.

Choosing to have these events as goal-posts has really helped me focus on how to approach continued development of the game. Whether I get in or not, the game has improved by leaps and bounds because of them.


I look forward to what’s next for Studio TREX!


Script Kiddies

What People Are Saying about Script Kiddies…

Although I’m having a real struggle with this kickstarter campaign, one really great things has been the press’ willingness to look at the game honestly and openly. I’ve sent out about 20 press emails, and as far as I have tracked, 6 press outlets have written about the game! One or two were part of a group of other crowdfunding campaigns, but the rest were unique write-ups. I’m so happy with the reception of the Kickstarter. Here’s what the press has said:OMGUBUNTU






Script Kiddies

Script Kiddies Demo!

I just launched the SK demo on TigSource: !!!

I’m super happy with how it’s going and was super glad I playtested it with my friends Drew and Griffin because they found bugs and stuff that didn’t work that I needed to fix before I released it to the world. You can see them play it at these links:




Script Kiddies

Announcing: Script Kiddies – PVP Sequence-Platformer, Server-Hacking Game

Shake it like a polaroid pictcha!

Over the past month or so, I’ve been adjusting to Gamemaker, migrating from Python and Pygame. It has been a preatty powerful experience and lesson about the power of proper tools. I’ve had the idea for this game for a while but Pygame was too slow of a development tool to do it (or any other game really). But now that I’m working with Gamemaker and GML (which is a perfect mashup of Python and C++ if you ask me), this game is totally feasible in a reasonable amount of time.

The premise of the game is that each player manages three floors connected by ladders that have a server and computer screen. By accessing the computer on the floor, you are given a randomly generated ‘script’ of buttons to press. When you complete the script, you send a virus to the other player on that floor. That catch is, the other player can access that floor’s script at the same time, beat you at completing it, and send a virus your way. Things start getting crazy as players try to send viruses to the other player while also protecting their own floors by completing scripts on floors with incoming attacks. The player can run, jump, and access the computer. I hope as the game continues to develop it will feel really pure and fast paced. I anticipate normal matches to last no more than 5-10 minutes. The longer the match, the more perfectly matched the two scripters are!

Random facts:

– In hacking, the term ‘script kiddie’ refers to someone who can’t actually program their way into a vulnerable server, so they simply run pre-made, distributed ‘scripts’ of code.

– Yes I made all the art. I don;t have a clue how, but somehow I did.

– view a proof-of-concept gif here.

– hear a rough version of the (tentative) theme song: Script Kiddies Theme

– Hope to launch by Christmas.