Studio Trex
Based in Rexburg, Idaho

Founding Date:
Sometime in summer 2013 🙂

Austin: austinadixon at gmail dot com


Script Kiddies
Monochrome Kingdom
D R A G O N S + Friends

2530 S 4000 W
Rexburg, ID 83440


Studio Trex is an independent video game studio with the goal of making emotive games with style and color. Austin Dixon is the main programmer and designer with occasional help from artist Drew Grella.


The Beginning
In 2012, I had some prodding from a brother who was studying Informatics at Syracuse University that I should learn to code. He said that being in biochemistry, I would be way more profitable if I knew how to code to parse data and draw meaningful conclusions thru code. Well I didn’t really do anything about that until a few months later when I learned about the Raspberry Pi: a credit card-sized computer that costs ~$30. It was designed to be an easy entry point to the world of programming (for kids) and I was intrigued by how small and totally awesome it was so I bought one.

Hyrde and Monochrome Kingdom
Fast-forward a few months and I was neck-deep into the Python programming language, using physics and game libraries to make little 2D games. First Drew and I worked on a game called HYRDE, which means ‘shepherd’ in Norwegian. After realizing how super hard that would be to make a sheep-herding physics game from scratch in Python, we moved on to Monochrome Kingdom, a minimalist sh’mup.

Script Kiddies
After working on Monochrome Kingdom for five months and synthesizing 3000+ lines of code, I became discouraged with how long it would take to develop the game into a form I was happy with and that would carry the emotional weight I hoped for. I decided to try out GameMaker and was impressed by the ease at which I could develop simple games in a short time. Thus started the work on the next game: Script Kiddies. Script Kiddies is a PvP/PvE server-hacking tower-defense game where everyone knows how to shake their groove-thang. It’s a ton of fun and we hope to release it within the next several months.

Download Media Pack (GIFs, screenshots, logos)

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“It’s…like Tapper, but for nerds.” – Kurt Indovina – Indie Game Magazine

“Hipster pixel GOODNESS!” – Sandy Martin – Rootgamer

“As cute as the aesthetics are… the modesty behind this project is what engages me most.” – Joey-Alijah Sneddon – OMG! Ubuntu

“It looks rather charming.” – Fraser Brown – PC Games Network

“Script Kiddies should appeal to every geek’s sense of humor…” – Garret Glass – The Koalition

“It’s pixel art, so it MUST be Indie!” – MyIndiePixel



Script Kiddies MAIN: